Monday, December 4, 2006

Samsung Blackjack

Last week I received a Samsung Blackjack (i607) to test. It's the new Windows Smartphone from Samsung that is only available through Cingular. I've been using a BlackBerry 8700c since January. But, I really like the Samsung. The display appears to be a lot smaller than the 8700, but it's actually the same height and just slightly narrower. Here's my unofficial review:

- Nice display
- I like the feel of the keyboard
- Nice fit in the hand
- EDGE, but is 3G UMTS/HSDPA capable when that's available in my area
- 1.3 MP camera
- Windows Mobile 5 is pretty straightforward
- Media player
- Extra battery and standalone charger
- Able to set up POP accounts for mail
- I'm going to get a MicroSD card and should be able to load Lotus Notes Nomad and carry my mail client with me everywhere

- Speaking of that, I don't like that the USB port on the Blackjack is proprietary. It also functions as a headphone port. Come on, just give me an 1/8" port!
- Anyone know of a free GoogleTalk IM client for WM5? I have AOL and Sametime 7.5 clients loaded.
- And speaking of the extra battery - it's needed! Battery life isn't so hot. Maybe 1.5 days with general usage. And it's not just me.
- The number keys are separated by other keys instead of all being together. This isn't too bad, but it is somewhat of a nuisance.
- No BBConnect client. And I'm still trying to work with Cingular on getting their XPressMail working with "Lotus Domino". It's an option in their client, but the client fails for each computer I use with it. It is supposed to sync contacts and calendar entries with Lotus.
- I will be OK to keep using POP mail with my Domino server as long as I can find something to sync with Lotus. We use XTNDConnectPC internally, but they don't "support" Blackjack yet.
- No carrying case
- I may just load Domino Access for MS Outlook so that everything will just sync! I can see the case for the ease of synchronization between ActiveSync and WM devices.


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