Sunday, July 10, 2005

Just Hanging Out

OK, so it's Sunday morning, 9:30, and my team has been at work since 5. We're doing a system save on our production iSeries, loading fixes, adding a controller card for shared tape drive with our Domino iSeries (the NEXT save should be really fast!), and installing about 175 GB more disk storage.

Over the past few months Chris Moody has been migrating data from our IBM 3995 Optical Library to disk. We have about 150 GB of archived customer bills, financials, etc... on about 35 5.2GB Optical Platters. So, we're adding the disk drives to compensate for that new data.

Storing the data on the drives will definitely help performance and we will also be able to end maintenance on that 3995. The 3995 is driven by an attached workstation that runs OS/2! We will be glad to get rid of this dog because even though IBM still supports the hardware, we're out of luck if we have any OS/2 issues!

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