Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Curt Schilling Too Big For His Breeches!

What a hack! First of all, know that this post is about a Red Sox pitcher by a Yankees fan. Take it as you will.

Mr. Schilling is on injured reserve and the big to-do in our town is that he was pitching tonight for his farm team - the Charlotte Knights. The team, by the way, is actually not even in Charlotte or even in North Carolina for that matter! It's in Fort Mill, SC, the town between Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC.

Anyway, I asked my buddy Chris Moody to get me an autograph on my Yankees baseball cap. I figured Schilling would like that. =) Anyway, the guy wasn't even signing autographs. The dude gets demoted to the farm squad in small-town America and he can't even sign some autographs. My old roomie even drove a whole hour to see him!

Check out Moody's blog for some pics...


Concerned Citizen said...

Spoken like a true Yank fan. Schilling was not pitching for the Knights...he was pitching against the Knights. Get it right!!!!

Chris Whisonant said...

Oh yeah, my bad... Anyway, he's still a hack!