Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Domino for iSeries Shared Memory Cleanup

We've been waiting for a way to easily clean up shared memory on the iSeries without taking down all active Domino partitions. Well, I've got two commands that IBM sent me (sshhhh, don't tell anyone...).

DLTDOMSMEM - Delete Domino Shared Memory - You specify the server name for it to clean up and run (while that partition is down, of course).

DLTDOMSEM - Delete Domino Semaphores - Same as above.

This is pretty handy if you get shared memory issues and need to clean up just that one server. Thanks to IBM for providing this - hopefully it will start shipping with Domino for iSeries releases in the future.

As with other hotfixes, etc... I post about here, you should probably contact tech support for this. However, you can also e-mail me or reply to this blog and I can get this to you.


Rob Berendt said...

Hopefully they will enhance iSeries Navigator to add a subsystem column to that part. I submitted that DCR before V5R3 came out. That's when I learned that no one at IBM thought anyone was using that part of iSeries Navigator and they dropped it in V5R3. My lobbying, and the lobbying of numerous Lotus support personnel, got it restored.
If y'all can submit a similar DCR it might help.

Chris Whisonant said...

I can see your point about getting a column into iSeries Navigator - that would help out tremendously. I love these two commands, though. It makes it a lot easier to clean things up.