Friday, June 24, 2005

Slip the LIC

You iSeries guys know what this is about... Was doing an IPL to load PTFs (CUME, Hipers, DB, etc...) on my backup iSeries 820 today when I got an SRC B6000901. I looked this up and the book said I would have to reload the Licensed Internal Code. I didn't like the sounds of that, but after speaking with support I'm starting that process now.

FYI, we generally don't apply the PTFs permanently before we load new fixes. IBM told me that we should start doing that. This will verify the link loader (which is what our specific issue is), clean up orphaned objects, verify indexes on products, and gain a small amount of disk space back.

I'm coming up to load LIC from the CD now and then loading all the fixes.

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Chris Whisonant said...

When I got off the phone with IBM at 5pm on Friday they said with our PTF issue that we would pretty much have to Slip the LIC once more, then Slip the Operating System, then reload all licensed programs. After that we would have to load the CUME PTFs followed by an IPL to load them. Then we would have to load all other PTFs followed by another IPL.

Well, my team decided we didn't need to do that. So we (by some brute force...) manually went through and got the hardware PTFs loaded and applied, did one IPL, applied the software PTFs, did another IPL, and things were great by about 7:15. Much better than the probable all-nighter we were looking at!

What does Big Blue know?!? =)