Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Can we bring back the dancing girls?

Well, not sure if I'll get debriefed about this, but it was on the public Lotus FTP site. It's a video titled "storyofnotes.wmv". I found it when looking for the document Ed posted up today. I decided to go up one level and see what else was out there:


About the Blog title, they have a clip from the Notes R4 release at Lotusphere in 96 with some dancing girls (and guys) on stage - we need that for ND7 in 06!

Anyway, I love the quote when they are showing the video of the Russians with a Lotus Notes Intranet:

"We're Marxists but we gotta make a buck like everybody else."

Another quote:

"We enter the new millenium with 56 million Lotus Notes users"

Interesting that the number has doubled in only 5 years - awesome!

"and it's only the beginning!"


Alan Lepofsky said...

Cool, that was fun to watch again.

Ed Brill said...

This video was created for the Lotusphere 2005 opening general session... it was the one followed by "Ladies and gentlemen, Ray Ozzie" :)

Chris Whisonant said...

That's cool. For some reason I missed the opening general session this year.