Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Comments on Next Notes Client

Thanks to Ed Brill for the great screenshots for "Hannover", the next release of the Lotus Notes Client after 7.0. Personally, I think it's going to be a great release and a huge step forward for Lotus. From other threads at Ed's site, many people have commented on an improved UI. This should silence us for a while.

After sending out a link to the screenshots, here's what some people internally have said:

- Cool - and it is looking more and more like Outlook! Guess they finally caught on!!! :-)

- Very nice! I know what Pat is going to say - kinda looks like the Outlook client we should've been using all along :) Long live Notes! Never had a problem with it and never even had to use Notes Medic. Evidence of a good product!

- Ha windows XP, er I mean Lotus Notes rules! looks liek an XP theme

- Looks like MSN Explorer!!!!


Anonymous said...

"Looks like outlook". Yeah.

But doesnt crash like it, and doesnt spread virii like it, eh ?


---* Bill

Chris Whisonant said...

You may have a point there - though I'm constantly dealing with IBM support about particular Notes NSDs....

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.
I wonder if the new client will support "skins"?