Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sametime 6.5.1 for iSeries is OK

So I'm told...

I love the Lotus Support Services RSS Feeds. I got a "Flash" hit today that appears to be related to my prior Sametime for iSeries problems I wrote about here and here.

The "Flash" regarding Sametime is here. The workaround is to (a) Remove awareness functionality for Names and (b) to add the following line to each Client notes.ini: IM_SHOW_STATUS=0. After I sent the Lotus Support tech the question if this is our problem, I was told that it appears to be. Now that 90+% of my Notes Clients are at 6.5.2 or higher because Lotus wants us to use integrated IM in the Client, I see that this can actually cause the server to hang. This is wonderful! Below is the text of the Flash:

Interaction between Notes client 6.5.2 and higher instant messaging (IM) and the IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (Sametime) server causes the CPU on both the Sametime server (STMux and STCommunity processes) and the Notes client (nlnotes process) to spike.

Symptoms of this problem include:

--The nlnotes process on the Notes client spikes to 100%.
--Stmux and StCommuntity processes on the Sametime server are pegged at above normal rates that will eventually reach 100%.
--Logging off from the Notes client instant messaging returns the CPU on the Nlnotes process to normal.

The technote titled "Integrated Awareness on Notes 6.5.2 and Higher Will Result in Server Outages" (#1206369), describes the symptoms, workaround, and fix information for this issue.


Anonymous said...

We don't run Sametime on iSeries, so I guess we're save. Any easy way to push notes.ini changes to users:

Create an @formula Agent in your Domino Directory. You'll run it against your "desktop settings" Policy document, and create a hidden field. This will add new values to the user's notes.ini file.

Some examples:



The format is simply:
$Pref[notes.ini name here]

Brian Green

Chris Whisonant said...

Thanks, however, this is NOT specific to iSeries as I found out from the IBM Flash. Sounds like it could happen for anyone. I was saying that ST for iSeries is OK, but this is still a problem for everyone.

Thanks a lot for the tip about the $Pref fields...

Chris Whisonant said...

Just did that with the desktop setting for my workgroup. You have to go in and edit the setting through the UI as well after running the agent. There is an OriginalModTime field that has to be changed by saving the document. After changing that, the client sees the new change time and will update the configuration. I also saved the Policy as well just to make sure...

Anonymous said...

Ahh, good point about opening and saving the Policy docs again.
We're using the original 6.5.1 release. None of the new fixpacks are installed. I think we'll wait. :)

Chris Whisonant said...

Are you talking about 6.5.1 Sametime or Domino? I'm just running the original ST 6.5.1 too without the fixpack. My Domino version is 6.5.4.


Anonymous said...

Domino version is 6.5.4, and Sametime version is 6.5.1. There are no fixpacks installed on Sametime. This is a Win2000 server.
Lotus Notes clients are 6.5.3 or 6.5.4.
The Sametime server is running just fine. It's been 5 weeks since the last reboot. The technote seems to suggest that there's still a problem with our version, but we haven't noticed anything... better to leave it alone for now.

Have a great weekend! Brian