Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alias Series Finale


The final episode(s) of Alias last night were awesome!! They really did tie up some loose ends, but not everything was fully answered. If you haven't yet watched it, then read this at a later time...

There really was too much ground to cover in a blog post, but some of the highlights for me were in the resolution between Sydney, Jack, Irina, and Arvin. Sydney finally gets to kill Arvin (for a short time, but she did fire 7 rounds into him) and sees her mother die as well (after trying to save her again!). After being shot by Sydney and falling into the water created by the Rambaldi device, Arvin is revived and we get to see resolution between Jack and him when Jack sets off an explosion in the cave and traps Arvin in there for eternity. Overall, it was an awesome ending to the series. I hate to see the series end, though. Oh, and did you really have to kill Jack? I guess in the grand scheme of having resolution between him and Arvin it had to happen, but come on! It was great to also see how Jack (and even Arvin to an extent) tried to keep Sydney from joining SD-6 (which she thought was the CIA). Oh, too much to write, so I'm going to stop now...

On a lighter note, Arvin's new name should be Indiana Jones!! He has an amulet that he takes to a hidden cavern and when the sunlight hits it there is something projected on the cave wall. Then he takes "the horizon" to another cavern and creates the holy grail of Rambaldi (making water of eternal life). That was a little cheesy, but it worked!

So to all you Alias fans out there, I guess it's time to move on. I suppose I'll be slowing buying the DVDs now!

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