Monday, October 30, 2006

Sametime 7.5 CF1

I was going to test out the Sametime 7.5 Mobile client that IBM just released and in looking at the documentation I found that there is a Cumulative Fixpack #1 for Sametime 7.5. See the fixlist here. Actually, Adam Gartenberg just posted about its availability as well - it was just released today. That explains why I had not seen anything about it.

I just loaded it on my test server. As I was reading the documentation and fixes, I noticed a lot of fixes for the Connect Client. But, there was not a separate download. I asked myself: "Self, do you think they are dropping the requirement to manually copy the connect client(s) to be able to download from the Sametime server?" Turns out that they have! On the Client splash screen we now see "AIM Certified Partner" and "Y! Messenger" logos!

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