Friday, October 6, 2006

Confess Your AOL IM "Prank Gone Awry"

OK, time for you to confess your AOL Instant Messenger (or other IM program) "prank gone awry" (i.e. Foley). Here's mine.

My freshman year of college was great to have AOL free for almost a whole year. Though it was dial-up, we had a few guys who would just get the free trials and have them extended several months. My roomie and I had an account on his blazing Acer laptop. It was an Intel 95MHz I think. Super fast! Anyway, I digress...

Some of us decided to "play the player" (my roomie). We knew that his singing group was going on a trip the next weekend. So, we used a new screenname and posed as a girl that was in a chatroom with him. It just so happened that he was singing in the same town she lived in! This was probably Monday or Tuesday. He was pretty pumped up to meet this girl. We even found a tasteful picture of an attractive girl and sent him. Man, I don't know how I kept my composure. About Thursday that week, we finally broke the news to him that he was being played - poor guy. It was sooo hilarious!!!

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