Thursday, October 5, 2006

See The Morning

Here is some pretty awesome news about Chris Tomlin's new CD See The Morning. This is from the 268 Blog:
It was pretty amazing today as the charts from week one were released. STM landed at the top of the Christian charts AND at #15 on the Billboard Top 200. That's #15 out of every CD out there last week, a bold statement and a lot of songs of hope and light floating around the nation. We're humbled and excited... and we know this is only the beginning.

Thanks for your prayers and support!
This CD is awesome. It's not only amazing that a CD by a Christian artist debuts in top 20 of Billboard, but this is a worship album. Like Louie said, it's "a lot of songs of hope and light".

Here are some lyrics from the song Rejoice:
See the morning, see it rising
Over the mountains high
See the mercy in the mighty
Hand of God

Lving water come and fill us
Only You can satisfy
Turn our sorrow into singing
The song of life

Rejoice, rejoice
Sing with the angel voices
Rejoice, rejoice
All heaven and earth rejoice

Lord, Your strength is a tower
The righteous run into
Lord, Your love is a banner over us

And we hold onto the promise
That Your hold on us is true
There's no other like You, Jesus
No one like You

Now Playing: "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"" by Chris Tomlin


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