Friday, October 20, 2006

Treo 650 with BlackBerry Connect and DAMO

Since Cingular finally released BBConnect for the Treo 650, I have someone testing it out. It works alright. I posted about this in April and it's pretty much the same. The thing that we really don't dig is that the account has to have the BlackBerry plan (~$40) as well as a MediaNET plan (~$40). The MediaNet plan is necessary if you want to use the Internet Browser on the phone. It will definitely be a niche product for people who just have to keep their Treo. But that may all change when they try out a BlackBerry Pearl!

Also, we have a workgroup that needs to use Outlook to demo a product they sell for VoIP integration. So, I'm working on loading DAMO 6.5.5 on their Outlook 2003 clients. I cringe every time I VNC to one of their computers to set it up... At least it's just 6 users!

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