Monday, October 16, 2006

Nice Hit Piece on Ralph Norman by The Herald in Rock Hill

When The Herald's search feature is working for the archives, I'll get the link to their story from a couple of weeks ago. But I did see one person write in an editorial about it in yesterday's paper titled "Herald crucifies Ralph Norman". It was a top fold, front page article.

Basically, The Herald sent out reporters looking for illegal workers on Warren Norman Co. building projects. They found 3 people who claimed to be "illegal alien invaders" (as Jeff Katz puts it) on 2 separate job sites. These people did not work for Ralph Norman's company (as the article did state), but rather they worked for sub-contractors that the company uses. Since the article did point those things out, I will give it some fairness. However, it was clearly intended to point out some hypocrisy by Ralph Norman since he is running on changing laws to better protect our borders. This is something that John "I have a seat at the table" Spratt hasn't been able to do in a quarter of a century in Washington and it's the Spratt laws that allow the Norman sub-contractors to hire those who are in our country illegally.

Speaking of hypocrisy, I have two further points. First, there was another editoral sent to The Herald and printed yesterday titled Herald hypocritical on immigration. It has some good points about The Herald on one hand stating that they believe the government should have to stop it and stating on the other that it should be up to small businesses. Each point was made independent of the other.

Secondly, let's address the hypocrisy of pointing out that it's bad for a company to hire illegals but not doing anything about it. I have a question for The Herald: When you found out that these people were violating the laws of our country, what did you do to stop it? Since you were specifically looking for people to admit to being here illegally, why did you not have INS waiting around the corner to have them deported? It seems you don't really care about their immigration status - rather you would just like to make a political candidate look bad!

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