Friday, June 9, 2006

Reviving CLNUG?

Earlier in the week I exchanged some emails with Susan Bulloch about trying to revive the Charlotte Lotus Notes User Group (CLNUG). I went to a couple of meetings back in 2003 and I believe that was about the time that burnout took hold of the man who was doing everything then. I'm not certain of the extent of my involvement, but I would love to see it active once again. One of the first orders of business would be to update the website - it looks like a Notes website! From looking at the discussion forum at the site (which I would like to port to domBulletin!), there was a post in April from someone wanting to get involved and possibly host and maintain the site. I wish he left his email address!

There appears to be some interest from sponsors and others, so maybe we'll see this come back!

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