Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Boosted Personal Website (SnTT)

This is semi-Notes related. For my personal website, I am just running an Apache server on a WinXP PC at my house. It was cool to setup and I loaded Perl for some stat scripting - just a general way to broaden my horizons. I may get a real domain name, but for now, it's just at

Well, since I really didn't like how blogspot does the native image imports, I host pretty much all of my blog's images on my Apache server. Since I'm on a cable modem (5 Mbps down x 512 Kbps up), you have probably noticed slow image loads. I believe I have helped that out!

In steps Puakma Web Booster. Bruce Elgort interviewed Brendon Upson of Puakma Software for a Taking Notes Podcast in April. You should check it out. I followed the Domino steps for my Apache config. Now Web Booster listens on port 80 and gets the data from a different port on which Apache is listening. It does appear to help out image loads a lot!

Relating this directly to Domino, though, I am testing Web Booster at my company to use for http failover. I have it running on a Linux box. I began testing this late last year, but stopped for a while. I searched long and hard for a true failover solution - not just load balancing since my cluster server has much less horsepower. From correspondence with Puakma, they were actually enabling this feature in Web Booster. It seems to be working really well. I just need to get SSL going properly and I may be able to cut over to give my DWA users 24/7 uptime for mail access.


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