Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I DO Play Guitar - Video To Prove It

Despite my not getting onstage at Jamfest 2006, I really do play guitar. Here are 3 songs from a band I was in back in July 1997. This was recorded from my parents' camcorder and ripped from VHS onto my PC. The video isn't the best, but it works... The drummer, bassist, and keyboardist are all siblings. This was for a youth event at the church I attended at the time. I had been playing guitar maybe 3.5 years and was 19.

Songs are listed in reverse set order because it happens that the best one was last in the set. You'll probably want to watch in 1x or 2x video size with the option to smooth video enabled. Also, the beginning of some of the songs are in the dark; the lights do come on.

Grammatrain: Drown - This was the heaviest song and I had a solo. We were all really tight on this song and it really suited the vocalist. My solo wasn't the greatest (especially up high!). Oh, and that guitar was my first electric guitar. It was a Sears (YES, Sears) Effector. It had the Gibson Explorer body style and had 7 onboard effects. But I believe all songs played in this set were through a Crate 1x12 Combo amp and a DOD FX-7 multi-effects pedal. I think the wah on this song was using the onboard wah of the effects pedal - a far from great wah, but not too bad.

DC Talk: Jesus Freak - This one wasn't really bad either. The vocalist was definitely not a rapper! I actually sing on an echo section at the end. The guitar here was my Epiphone Les Paul Custom. It was a fairly solid axe, but a far cry from my Gibson!

Newsboys: Take Me To Your Leader - Possibly the weakest song of the set. I think I had a string a little flat. Oh, and you'll see why I like to have straplocks - my guitar fell but I caught it and had to play kneeling for a bit...


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