Monday, June 12, 2006

Reverse DNS and GoDaddy

Has anyone else had any dealings with domains blocking your email? When we send an email to anything hosted by GoDaddy, we get the following delivery failure:

553 Bogus helo <>

OK, so that's fun right? I go to the URL, fill out the unblock request, and get back a canned response with some things to look at. That really didn't help, so I called GoDaddy's support. I was told that I would have to do the following two things:

1) They will not accept emails from Reverse DNS records that are not or Is this a standard? Can they force me to do that? I have actually changed it just to not have to deal with this as an issue, but even when I send an email to my gmail account it's still showing up as Checking out shows that the lookup should be returning

2) They insist that I will have to open port 25 so that they can perform a helo. I'm going to check with my firewall guys, but currently I believe we have all incoming smtp requests going through our Barracuda. I definitely don't want to open up all smtp requests to our Domino server just so one hosting provider can helo.

Any recommendations? I'm open to anything. We've thought about matching our public addresses for our inbound Barracuda and our public mail server address so that the helo requests could be handled by the cuda.

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