Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CORRECTED: "Googly" Palette File For Sametime 7.5

Update 1: OK, so this was cool but everytime I received a new message the client would display one of the icons for the space key and it would also lock up. This happened on two machines I tested this on. It could be something on my end, but all I did was import some gifs and add keyboard shortcuts (none of which had spaces). OK, onto the post. Remember, this is with a beta copy of Sametime 7.5... Perhaps someone can see a problem with my palette file and let me know if the bug is on my end.

Update 2: Final update - It's working!. It appears that there was a problem with a particular keyboard shortcut. I was using ":-|" for the keyboard shortcut to the "straightface" emoticon. Here is the line from the palette.xml file:

![CDATA[ :-| ]]

I've changed it to ":-!" now and things appear to be fine. The problem was that the chat window would render every space as the "straightface" emoticon. I'm guessing it had to do with the pipe character in the CDATA section being seen as an "or" and since a space follows it, then it was displaying the straightface for the space. Search for "vertical" here. With that behind us, enjoy the emoticons. I have taken out the pipe character from the two keyboard shortcuts that were using it and replaced them with exclamation points. I have also replaced the zip file at my website with the correct one.

Oh, and remember 2 things - this is a beta and end users may enter the pipe characters.

Original Post:
I dig the Google Talk emoticons in Google Mail. I have created a palette file for Sametime 7.5 to make it easy for you to use these as well.

The palette file is at

After downloading the palette file, do the following:

1. In Sametime 7.5, go to File > Preferences.
2. Click New and enter what you would like the name to be.
3. Click Import and point the importer to the downloaded zip file.

I have used all of the standard keyboard shortcuts associated with Google Talk.


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Thanks man, i was looking for this for a while. Keep up!