Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Lotusphere 2006 Session Schedule

Here is the full list of sessions.

Here is the list of sessions in the new BootCamp category.

Also, for the eServer folks, there is usually a room in the Dolphin on Tuesday or Wednesday evening where IBM will host an informal gathering (with refreshments and food) of IBMers and eServer customers. Stop by one of the IBM eServer booths and ask an IBMer about it. Tell them you're a customer and you would like to stop by. We could hang out for a bit there - I would probably be there shortly after it opens.

This list is definitely subject to change, but here is where I will be...

10:30-12:30-->JMP201 - Java Jumpstart for the IBM Lotus Domino Developer
1:30-3:30 --> JMP102 - An Introduction To All Things IBM Lotus Domino Clustering
4:00-6:00 --> JMP202 - LEI, DECS, LSXLC: Understanding the "How and Why" of IBM Lotus Domino Integration with other Systems

11:00-12:00 --> ID407 - Single Sign-On Strategies
1:00-2:00 --> BP308 - IBM Lotus Domino Web Facelift Using Ajax and DXL
2:15-3:15 --> AD202 - Web Services and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7
3:45-4:45 - Speaking with Kim Greene --> BP406 - IBM Lotus Domino for IBM iSeries Administration and Performance Best Practices
4:45-? --> Meet The Speakers - Swan Hotel - Toucan 2

8:30-9:30 --> AD207 - IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Customization
10:00-11:00 --> ID112 - Using IBM Lotus Domino Domain Monitoring in the Real World
11:15-12:15 --> INV101 - IBM Lotus Notes and Domino: "Hannover" and Beyond
1:00-2:00 --> BOF307 - Upgrading IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
3:00-4:00 --> AD206 - IBM Lotus Domino 7.x (and 6.x) Application Performance Optimization
4:15-5:15 --> BP304 - Code for Speed, or Code for Easier Reading: You Make the Call!
5:45-6:45 --> BOF105 - The IBM Lotus Blogging Community

7:00-8:00 --> MTG603 - IBM Lotus Domino Web Access
8:30-9:30 --> ID122 - An Early Look at IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5
10:00-11:00 --> ID401 - The Boss Loves Microsoft: Where Does That Leave Lotus?
11:15-12:15 --> ID110 - Getting the Most Out of IBM Lotus Domino Domain Monitoring Probes
1:30-2:30 --> ID120 - How to "Sell" IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Inside Your Organization
3:00-4:00 --> BP312 - Object Orientated LotusScript Techniques and Tricks
4:15-5:15 --> BP303 - Big-Time Tips and Tricks for Your IBM Lotus Domino Web Applications: The Great Code Giveaway!

8:30-9:30 --> INV302 - Activity-Centric Collaboration: A New Approach to Productivity
10:00-11:00 --> BP105 - OpenNTF: Learn How OpenNTF Open Source Solutions Can Save You Time, Money and Your Hair
11:15-12:15 --> ID119 - IBM Lotus Notes and Domino @ IBM

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