Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Realization

I'm getting old...

Not only is some gray hair coming in, but when we were on our vacation we were in a restaurant that was playing music from the 80s. So, my wife and I are singing along and I'm thinking how great (or tragic!!) it is for our daughter to be hearing it. Then I thought back to my childhood for a moment. I remembered going to the same beach with my parents and brother. But when we were children in the 80s, we had to suffer through our parents listening to that horrible "Oldies" music from the 60s.

This is about when it hit me - that Oldies music from my childhood was a mere 20 years old in the 80s. Now, music that is 20 years old is from my childhood and is basically considered "Oldies" music. Oh, and let's not forget to look below at the "Now Playing" section - I'm still stuck in the 80s!!

Now Playing: "Believe" by Journey

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