Monday, December 19, 2005

How do you do Lotus upgrades?

What is your process for upgrading Servers, Templates, and Clients to the latest release?

Last week I finished upgrading all of our mail files to the DWA 7.0 template. On clients that are below the 7.0 version, the Tools > Preferences is not available from the mail folders. Lotus Support said that you should have the clients upgraded to the latest release before migrating the mail files. Of course, this makes sense. However, they did make it difficult with 7.0 because the client Smart Upgrade process was broken. (That is supposedly corrected in 7.0.1 as SPR# HXXE68T7Y5).

So, the correct procedure is as follows:

1) Upgrade server to latest release
2) Upgrade clients to match the server release
3) Upgrade mail file templates to match the client release

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