Tuesday, December 13, 2005

iSeries for Domino 7.0 Update and Funny Stories From Hamer

In a previous post, I stated that I thought the issues may have been stemming from a 3rd-Party HTTP failover system. We had over 10 days of uptime, but then yesterday we had a couple of crashes and some today as well. We're going to be loading another debug hotfix that Lotus is preparing (the 3rd one - if you're keeping count!). Also, Chris Miller has blogged about having this same issue.

If you want a laugh, check out this post, Tales from a Dillon History Teacher, from Chris Moody (best friend and co-worker). He posts some funny stuff that's generally from real life experiences. These are some stories from his dad's career as a teacher - you can't make up stuff like this!

Taking a Break From: "The Wizard of Oz"
My daughter loves this movie and The Polar Express ("Choo-Choo Train Movie") and it seems we watch one of the two every day!

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