Friday, December 16, 2005

Domino 7.0 Updates

Well, this week we've averaged 2-3 HTTP crashes per day! Not what I was hoping for. From speaking with Lotus Support, it appears that we should be receiving the 3rd debugging PTF for our iSeries. They have pinpointed the problem to the database cache and this next debugging hotfix should allow them to get into the part of the code dealing with the cache to get a fix out soon (I hope!).

Also, we've been having some issues with the new 7.0 Rooms and Resources database. As part of my upgrade process, I did upgrade the databases to the 7.0 template. But after a month we are not able to book directly from the databases. We have several RnR databases for different locations or workgroups who had to be separate from the others... Anyway, this is happening for separate databases on the production and cluster replicas. The good news is that we are able to book via the C&S process by creating a meeting.

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