Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Domino 6 Easter Egg

Trackback to Ed Brill's blog today

Someone posted:
- Open the webadmin DB on any R6 box using the web browser.
- Switch to the quick console.
- Type "about:" and press enter.

Well, here's the output - it's hilarious because the console automatically types all of this in slowly. It was a great little break today. Sorry if the graphic isn't so hot - I'm just a sysadmin... Remember to set the image to full size if your browser resizes it.


anonyman said...

If only I had the rights to run this on our servers...what do you think they were on when they built this???

Hey, thanks for adding me to your links/blogroll...I think yours is the first site that I'm on...


Chris Whisonant said...

No prob about the addition to my blogroll. I like checking out your blog.

I was wondering what the developers were smoking when they coded that? It's crazy!!

Thomas Gumz said...

Well, glad to hear that you enjoyed our "production" :-).