Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Nice Try Ms. Spammer! - Redux

Well, I sort of won a round with this spammer. Remember my previous blog about how I received an email and I replied telling her that she did not comply with the CAN-SPAM act by not having her company's physical address listed?

Well, I did receive another message. But it wasn't a reply, thank-you, or anything. It was another UCE! But now, at the bottom of the message we have an actual mailing address. This lets me know that (a) they received my complaint about not complying with CAN-SPAM (b) they don't care and (c) they weren't smart enough to see my complaint to them as a request to remove me from their mailing list. Instead, the new UCE I received states:

Dear Chris,
Thank you for taking the time to let us introduce our company.

Wow, I'm sure this will be fun for me to get taken off their list. I will complain again. This time making sure that I put REMOVE in the subject line...

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