Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Do You Want Fries With That"

Ed Brill's post today made me think of a new country song I heard this weekend. Our church praise band went with our youth group to lead a praise and worship service for them before they went on to camp. We went with them to one of Atlanta's suburbs.

My wife and I were hauling drums, guitars, etc... in our Envoy XL and she was getting tired of listening to Liquid Tension Experiment: 2 and Joe Satriani, so we turned on the radio. She said she felt like listening to country. I said "Well, we are in Georgia - wanna bet the first station the seek button finds is country?" Sure enough, I hit the seek button and the NASCAR race was on! Not to outdo myself I hit seek again and there was another country station! Anyway, we heard Tim McGraw's new song "Do You Want Fries With That". Here's part of the chorus:

"Man you took my wife
Man you took my kids
And you took that life I
used to live
My pride, the pool, the boat,
my tools
My dreams, the dog, the cat
Yeah I think that’s everything
Oh yeah, I almost forgot
Do you want fries with that"


Ed Brill said...

ROTFL funny -- what a typical country song refrain!

Chris Whisonant said...

Yep, like the old saying goes - if you play a country song backwards you get your wife, kids, and dog back!