Friday, May 27, 2005

More Helpdesk Fun

Two Notes helpdesk calls today for the record:

1. I recently developed a workflow application for a user. She calls me today saying that she received a document with a Word doc attached. When she opened the Word doc it would not print. I tried explaining that this was a Word problem and she would just need to call the PC support helpdesk. Funny how when Word won't print it's because of a new Notes application.

2. Here is the text from the call record: "She had an email from a customer and she cannot find it anywhere. She also had a folder named Comporium and now it is a sub folder under Misc folder." Talked to the user and she vehemently stated that she did not move that folder and she definitely did not delete the e-mail . We kind of went back and forth a little and I tried in the nicest fashion to tell her that she did do it. I ended up telling her that it's possible someone sat at her computer and did this but that e-mails and folders don't just get up and walk away. She said that it could have been that, she could have been delusional, or aliens could have done it. I also showed her to hit F5 when she leaves her workstation to lock out Notes.

More fun than a human being should be allowed to have...

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Chris Whisonant said...

Time to add a 3rd...words can't express having 3 great calls in one day!

3. Helpdesk Notes: "She cannot send emails outside the company. She got a new PC last friday". When I called the user she said "I'm not sure if it was set up so that I couldn't send to outside people, but nobody told me." When I looked at the delivery failure, I could immediately see the problem. She was preceding the e-mail address with "www."...