Wednesday, May 25, 2005


If you are not aware of this, there is an issue with embedded categorized views (at least in the Lotus 6.5.x releases) on a Lotus Notes form. We are seeing the following symptoms when we leave the embedded view open:

(1) the view will just go blank and display nothing, or
(2) the view will show the wrong category.

Closing the document or refreshing the view (F9) is a workaround. Alternatively, there is an auto-refresh feature with this application using the NotesTimer class. We fought some issues with getting that working properly and Lotus fixed it in 6.5.3. Prior to the fix, the client could hang when that NotesTimer was run. In testing the problem with the embedded categorized view, setting the view refresh timer to 3 minutes hasn't helped. We've also set it to 15 seconds without too much success - it will switch to the wrong category or go blank between refreshes in that short of a time period. We're testing it at 10 seconds now to see if that helps.

I spoke with Lotus support again yesterday regarding the SPR DCOE68MQZM. I was told that it "is currently open for investigation in version 7.0." That release of the client will not be out until towards the end of the year. I'm downloading the Notes 7.0 Beta 3 client now to see if it has been resolved.

If you're seeing any of these issues, let Lotus know. This is really annoying for us. Call Lotus and let them know if you're having this issue and refer to this SPR - maybe the squeaky wheel can get the grease. It's good to know that they said 7.0 instead of 7.x.

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