Thursday, February 22, 2007

Paste Special (SnTT)

Lately, I've been using the Edit > Paste Special menu more in Lotus Notes. Instead of doing CTRL-V now, I generally use ALT-E-S-T (if I want to paste in the plain text). The dialog box looks like this:

As you can see, there are many different options that are dynamic in relation to what is on your clipboard. If I just copy text from a browser, I wouldn't have the options for, say, Picture, HTML, or MS Office Excel Worksheet. But today I tried to paste something from Excel and I noticed that there were a lot of choices in the dialog. I guess I've just never tried this so some of these were new to me. I thought that some others may be interested to see what they do, so here is a graphic with numbered screen grabs followed by a brief explanation:

1. Pasted as MS Office Excel Worksheet
2. After pasting as worksheet, this shows how you can actually edit the pasted object inline inside Lotus Notes
3. Pasted as Rich Text
4. Pasted as HTML
5. Pasted as Picture
6. Pasted as Text

And options 3 and 4 are editable in a table format. Option 6 is editable but does not have column formatting like a table.


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