Thursday, February 15, 2007

Anyone Else Seeing This Notes Issue?

Starting with an SMTP email that was received by 15 people on Monday, we have had some crazy Notes issues. It was so bad that we really haven't had time to call support. At first I thought it was just that particular email, but then some other users had the same issue with other emails. And on top of that, at least 2 people called in to say that they just couldn't open their Notes Client and, after speaking with them, they weren't even looking at a suspect email.

Basically, we are seeing that people are forwarding web pages as emails instead of doing the sane thing and just sending a link. This will yield a javascript error when a Notes user opens the email. If the user chooses "Yes" to continue loading the email, then the client crashes. Choosing "No" will not allow them to read this email from Lotus Notes.

So, what's the big deal? In order to get the Notes Client running again, we have to uninstall, delete the C:/Program Files/Lotus/Notes folder after backing up a few files (names, bookmark, journal, id, and user.dic). We have tried everything we know of to keep from doing this. Just reinstalling over Notes doesn't work. The clients are a mix of 7.0.1 and 7.0.2. I think we have two calls that just came in...

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