Monday, February 5, 2007

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

When my mom started her mortgage company back in 1999, I was tasked as her IT guy. So I found a pretty good company to host her mail. If you're in South Carolina and you need a mortgage, let me know... It's Xeran. For the past 8 years, they've been really good. One of the reasons I chose them was because they operated in SC. Now, they operate from MA. When they merged with a company a few years ago there were some hiccups, but it's been pretty smooth since then.

However, I just got an email today that they will let you convert some (or all) of your mailboxes to Exchange Hosting. I decided to look into it, and there are 3 tiers of hosting above and beyond the current rate:
250MB mailboxes:
$12.95 billed every month, per mailbox

500MB mailboxes:
$19.95 billed every month, per mailbox

1000MB mailboxes:
$34.95 billed per month, per mailbox
I'm somewhat surprised that they offer a 250MB quota mailbox - much less a 1GB one! If you're a small company that wants push email to phones, good mobile access, calendar sharing, etc... then this is probably a pretty good deal at $13 per mailbox per month. There's no upfront server cost, no administrator cost.

So the big question is where's the Domino hosting? :)

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