Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sorry for no posts...

It's been almost a week! Nothing much going on for me in Lotus land right now. Just moving users to the Notes 7.0.2 Client and preparing to fire up our new System i boxes! Finally got some UPS stuff straightened out and power is being pulled tomorrow.

Oh, and I believe I have contributed to an OpenNTF project (not as a chef - just a taste-tester). Vince Schuurman (et. al.) have released OpenNTF Mail Experience 702b. He posted about one of the new features I'm pretty excited about. I may even roll out the template because of this addition! It's the "Memo size restriction" feature. Users and admins can set a preference or Notes.ini parameter for the maximum size of an email. I posted the following at Vince's site:
I've thought of doing this before, but never got around to it. As an admin, I think we should be able to have this as a "policy" that users cannot edit. Of course, if it's an ini parm, we can set it via desktop policies and the users wouldn't know where to change it anyway.

We have a 50MB email limit, but I still have people trying to send 75-100 MB+ files in their email. The problem is that if you can send it and then get a failure from the router, then the message is still in your sent items.
Also, the message is not only in your Sent items, but the delivery failure from the Router contains the attachment as well!

Regarding my "contribution" to the project, Vince was asking for verbiage for the error message and apparently liked my suggestion (which was just an expansion of his suggested message). I have downloaded the template but haven't looked to see if I made it officially! ;) My suggestion was:

Sorry, this document is 5343 KB. This is larger than the allowed size of 1024 KB. Please review the size and number of attachments to make this document smaller.

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