Saturday, January 20, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party

Since she knew I would be expecting it next year for my 30th, my wife put together a surprise party for me last night. I was definitely surprised. My brother - funny guy that he is - got me an Uptown Bill doll. You'll just have to click the link - lol. I had a great time - thanks honey!!

Speaking of President Clinton, my wife got me a lot of books from a discount/used bookstore in town. A lot of them were political and there were a few religious. One of the books was "Slick Willie": Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton. I started flipping through it last night after everyone left and saw that it was actually printed in 1993 - before any of the scandals that came up during his White House terms! The chapter on Hillary Clinton was rather revealing too.

One of the other books was Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation from 1984 by President Reagan. The text written by Mr. Reagan was actually just an essay and can still be found in its entirety at The Human Life Review's website. I started reading some of it this morning and the foreword by J.P. McFadden states that Dr. C. Everett Koop "warned long ago that infanticide would follow closely after abortion because it would be 'justified' for the same reasons." The sad thing is that, 20 years later, we don't have to worry too much about infanticide because of how far technology has progressed. With karyotype tests, which we elect to not even have, doctors can check for Down syndrome during pregnancy. And 92% of those pregnancies are terminated if the test(s) returns positive. Forget infanticide, we'll just take care of "the problem" during the pregnancy!! And what of the false positives? I know of a man who said the doctors told them that their child would have Down syndrome and that the doctor recommended the termination of the pregnancy. Two years later, the man said, the child is a normal, healthy, smart 2 year-old!

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