Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Help With A NOMAD Issue

One of my readers has asked me about an issue he's having with NOMAD. Has anyone seen this or do know anyone who has? (Or can you ask anyone at Lotusphere?) Here are some details from email exchanges:
- Windows XP SP 2 and Windows 2003 SP 1, same behaviour.
- All the USB sticks are of the same brand and model, SanDisk Micro Cruzer 2GB. (This is the same model I have but in the 512MB size.)
- I've tried to format the sticks but still the same so I don't suspect the sticks can cause this on their own. The only other suspect would be Notes but I cannot figure out anything that can cause this, I've check all the files create under the NOMAD installation and cannot find anything remotely to cause this.
- I was just assuming here, that Notes might be related because Notes on USB will remove the icon on the desktop once you stop it.
- The only time all the desktop icons, start menu shortcuts and quick launch shortcuts disappeared immediately was when the USB stick was unplugged.
- When removing a USB stick empty or containing other data, either by just unplugging it or by ejecting it first, this never happens.
- I can only reproduce the whole scenario with Notes install on the USB stick.
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