Thursday, January 4, 2007

Five things you may not have known about me

I was wondering when I would be called out for this. Thanks a ton to Mr. Curt Stone!!!

1. My favorite band is Tourniquet. From their speed/thrash metal in 1990 to their slower acoustic and near-pop-rock of the mid 90's to their latest quasi-prog albums. They are phenomenal!! I'm hoping they decide to kick out another disc soon.

2. I used to be in the handbell choir at a past church. I was actually in the first handbell choir that church had. I'm not too much into it now, but I have filled in at my current church before. Let's keep that between us... ;)

3. I was the statewide President for the Baptist Student Union for South Carolina during my senior year of college (1999-2000). It was great to meet so many people. I set up a website and Yahoo! group , but I think that kind of ended after my year. As part of that, I was privileged to sit on the Executive Committee for our State Baptist Convention. While many people may think those organizations are strictly business, I would love to say that that is far from the truth for this one.

4. We just got some new System i servers in and are in the process of installing them (don't get me started on that...). We got two 570+ models! We will consolidate 4 model 820s and 1 model 270 to 3 LPARs on one 570 and 2 LPARs on the other. This includes our Domino cluster. We will be going from a production Domino server with 3250 CPW to right about 8000 CPW. Needless to say, we will have a blazing Domino server!

5. I have a lot of theology books. That's a list of 71 that's kind of outdated. I've read a lot of them and you can probably tell that F.F. Bruce is one of my favorite authors. He was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century and is rumored to have been able to recite the New Testament... in Greek! If there are 3 books I would recommend, they would be by him. They would be "The Canon of Scripture", "Paul, Apostle of the Heart Set Free", and "Jesus: Past, Present, and Future"

The ball is now in the court for Chris, Bryan, Greg, Chad, and Angus

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