Friday, August 19, 2005

Search Engine Hits for August (So Far...)

6.5.2 'insufficient memory' 'index pool is full' on Google
6.5.4 domino web access warning sorry we were unable to process" on Google - get a lot of these, hopefully my little FAQ is helpful!
'6.5.4 fix pack 1'" on Google - Not here but IBM has it somewhere...
b6000901 on Google/MSN - Get several of these hits too - hope people aren't mad that they have to slip the LIC
blackberry '7100 g' ringtones on MSN - Love this smartphone - way to go RIM!
blackberry 7100g 7290 on Yahoo - 7100g is better
blackberry pros cons on MSN - pros - it's not running Windows! =)
can-spam act of 2003 (pub. l. 108-187, s877) on Google - what a joke...
'chris moody' mensa" on Google - see above - lol sorry Moody!
country song/'do you want fries with that' on MSN - get a lot of these hits too - prompted by Ed mentioning the phrase on his site
coworker on vacation office on MSN - I don't condone doing anything to coworkers offices! ;)
debug_tcp_all on Google - Sorry you're having to debug too...
debug_threadid on Google Again, see above
desktop6.ndk on MSN - Just delete it
dltdomsem on Google - A command that only shows up at my blog - not even on IBM's sites...
do you want fries with that on MSN - many iterations of this below too
do you want fries with that? on MSN
domino 6.5.3 - nsd dump set up on Google - I wish I could read NSD files better, but getting there
'domino 6.5.4' and 'lotus instant messaging' and 'iseries'" on Google - You've found the spot - I'll help where I can
domino 6.5.4 fixpack 1 on Google - Works well for me and fixed my Domino 6.5.4 issues so far!
domino stmux on Google - Lotus Support says they've been getting more calls about this - you better check with them.
domino web access warning sorry we were unable on MSN - Many more iterations of this
domino web access warning on MSN/Yahoo
'domino web access warning. sorry we were unable to process your request at this time.' on Yahoo
domino web access warning. Sorry, we were unable to process your request at this time. if you are unable to continue working in your mail file, please dismiss this warning and then select view, refresh from your browser's menu on Google - WOW, they searched the whole string...
download sametime 651 fp1 on Google - I believe it was finally ready for prime time!
im_show_status on Google - Nice hack here to change this globally with Desktop Settings documents.
'index pool is full' on Google - That's not good
inotes 'domino web access warning'" on Google
iseries b6000901 on Google
lotus domino 6.5.4 fixpack 1 (fp1) linux install on Google - Yeah, I installed this and it was OK. I'm running 7.0B4 on my Linux box now
lotus domino iseries delete semaphores on Google - I have you covered!
'lotus notes domino 6.5.4' system requirements on Google - Better check with IBM
nif global pool on Google - I think there were some issues with this and 6.5.4
'nif global pool'" on Google
originalmodtime on Google
passing the mensa test on MSN - Don't ask me! I haven't passed it (yet...) LOL
performance notes lotus 'cache.ndk' symantec on Google - Make sure your Symantec AV isn't scanning Notes b/c it makes everything SLOW...
prohibit running activex controls sametime on Google
'sametime 6.5.1 fp1' on Google - Still hasn't fixed my STMUX issues. IBM is making an STMUX trace fixpack for me
sametime 6.5.1 video .wmv on Google
server error: insufficient memory 6.5.4 iseries on Google - Better buy some more memory from IBM! Or just use the DLTDOMSMEM and DLTDOMSEM commands
song do you want fries with that? on Yahoo
stmux crash on Google - Still crashing
stmux debug on Google - Still de
the song-do you want fries with that on MSN
use60htmlcode on Google - This is a notes.ini entry apparently reverts the html fixes in 6.5.4 to the older code.
user inotes warning sorry we were unable to process your request on Google
zzyzx on MSN - Hope Zzyzx hasn't seen my post - I was a little livid that day...
song do you want fries with that? on Yahoo

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