Friday, August 19, 2005

Two News Stories for Concern

Below are two news stories I've heard about today. These two stories should upset every single American regardless of political persuasion!

1) Here is the latest fallout from the Eminent Domain case Kelo v. City of New London:

USA Today Article - It seems that the 7 homeowners who are having their land confiscated so that Pfizer can have more land are now really getting hit. First of all, they will get fair market value for their home. But the FMV they will get is not from 2005 but from 2000 (the time the city decided they wanted to confiscate the property). So they are being forced to sell their homes and lose 5 years worth of increases in property value. Secondly, they will likely be forced to pay backrent for the past five years they have been living on the "condemned" property. This is really ugly! But at least the city will be getting some more tax dollars...

2) ILLegal Immigrants win a ranch!

NY Times Article - Two illegal (that's the keyword!) immigrants came through Arizona and a citizen held them on his ranch for a couple of hours (from what I gather). These illegal immigrants sued the owner and won the 70 acre ranch from the lawsuit. Wow...

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