Monday, August 15, 2005

Notes people, why does this happen?

Here lately, I've been getting some "certificate has expired" errors from certain users. Since I have generally been the one doing renames in the past, I know that all of these users getting the error have gone through the rename process sometime in the past. Any idea why this is happening? When I just certify their ID file with all is well. Also, the ID file does reflect the correct name.

Anyone else seen this?


John said...

Hey Chris,

I think what happens on a rename, is that the OLD certificate still remains in the ID file, so it will expire before the new name does. If you keep the default of two years, that would happen.

So the ID might still work with the new name, but the old name's certificate probably expired.

Hope that Helps,

Chris Whisonant said...

Grey, thanks. The only thing about that is that I have set my expiration to 4 years instead of the default. We didn't install a Domino server until around October 2002 (right when ND6 came out), so I shouldn't have anything expiring...