Wednesday, August 31, 2005

BlackBerry Version 4.1

Apparently this was info taken from the partner presentation today. See information at Tony Kelleran's Site:

Some things to note (
bold is directly from Tony's site):

Support for DB2
- Interesting, so I assume they will allow a DB2 backend as opposed to SQL

PIN to PIN/SMS Audit logs - Big brother, here I am!

Enterprise Device Authorization - limit types of devices attached to BES - I hope to have a Nokia 9300, so I will definitely allow this device!

Enterprise Instant Messaging - Nice! Wonder if it will work with the 9300?

BlackBerry v4.1 is an upgrade to existing BES installations and will cost money. Depending on the level of TSupport, you may get this for free. - Wish this were a "free" upgrade like IBM products...

ND7 Compatibility – v4.1 will be compatible with ND7 - I guess this means that 4.0 is not compatible. =)

Ability to read encrypted messages - Good addition!

- hopefully they will eventually get this working!

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