Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's Up In Lotus Land?

It's been a while since I've posted anything about Lotus. We're actually not doing a lot of exciting stuff with Lotus right now - as far as projects go. Our main project is just System i-related. We're migrating our user base from 5250 to Webfacing. Should be loads of fun! It will be a big adjustment for the users. We're running very well on our new System i - great performance!! Once we get all System i users to the web, we will move them into an LPAR on the same box as our Domino server.

I've been using the Notes 8 client all the time. Even NOMAD (though it's not "supported" yet, you can manually run nlnotes.exe as long as you make sure the 3rd line in the notes.ini points to the proper drive letter).

I've posted 17 main topics in the Beta forum. That's about the 7th most main topic posts from what I can count. There are no gotchas for my environment yet. Though I'm waiting on more feedback on a line that crashes the client when opening a datab....umm, application, and I've been assured that an install issue will be corrected. There is a lot of great feedback in the forum if you haven't been able to keep in the loop.

A few cool things I've seen in 8 are:
- Tabbed chatting with embedded Sametime 7.5.1 (should be in the connect client build too). Some known ui issues with it, but it works - tabbed chatting was one of the first things I thought would have been in 7.5.
- Mail template - beautiful!
- DWA 8 - the UI parity with the mail template is much better. It looks a lot more like the Notes client than previous iterations.
- Productivity Tools - these are very nice to have right from the client. Hopefully in the 8.0.1 timeframe they will be more of the Office killer that they have the potential to become. There are a few things that were already being addressed before Beta 2 was even released.
- ALT-F-T-D ('nuff said, right Nathan?) OK, so this isn't "cool", but leave this keyboard combination to the professionals! It's not your mother's ALT-F-T-D
- I also love that the spare memory in my computer is now being more fully utilized! ;)

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