Monday, April 9, 2007

People Who Went To My College

I thought I would fill you in on a couple of people from my Alma Mater - North Greenville University (it was a College when I graduated in 2000). The first two have made a bit of news recently and the last few are more personal...

First, Chris Sligh, of this season's American Idol attended North Greenville. We wish him the best in his musical career. I'm sure that American Idol will be a huge step in his career.

Second, and of greater global importance than a singer (no offense, Chris), is Mike McConnell. Who is this? He's the man who, on February 20, was sworn in by President Bush as the second ever Director of National Intelligence. Under the Clinton Administration, he was director of the NSA. Of course, he attended NGC in the 60's (64 I think) when it was a Junior College.

Third are Jake and Jen Wade. We all attended NGC at the same time but were only acquaintances (and it was before they were "Jake and Jen" too). On April 1, Jen went to be stationed with Jake - who joined the Army last year. My wife and I were able to become really great friends with them when we started going to church with them in February, 2005. We will miss them deeply, but we know that God has a great plan for them. It will be tough being so far away from great friends (especially for my wife and Jen), but our friendship will be stronger than the miles.

Finally, Jon Barbee was my suite-mate for 2 years at NGC. He's just accepted the call as a youth pastor at a church here in Rock Hill. So it will be great to have him and his wife Brandy (also an alum) move up here! He started on April 1.

That's all for now!

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