Monday, April 2, 2007

Pics from G307!

IMG00263, originally uploaded by topherssgtp.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take my camera in, but I did have my Pearl! So, here are some pics. These were the best of the best. This picture is of Satch, Gilbert, and Petrucci jamming in their collaborative set. It was an amazing show!! Mike Portnoy played drums for Petrucci and Dave LaRue was on bass for Petrucci and Satch. I think Petrucci said it best when he introduced LaRue and Portnoy - even though there are only three of them on stage, LaRue and Portnoy made it sound like a train was coming through! When Satch played "Satch Boogie" a guy beside me said that he's been waiting 20 years to hear that song live! So it sounds like Satch hasn't come to this area in a LONG time - I'm so glad I was able to witness this! Great show guys!!

The entire photo set can be found here.

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