Tuesday, September 5, 2006

What users hate about IT pros

Hat tip to Jeff for the link to this article. It's a pretty standard list, but what intrigues me is on the second page:
Brian, a director at a national industry association, says his pet peeve is his IT department sets limits on his e-mail storage. Employees have 25MB of storage space for messages, which Brian quickly consumes because he receives more than 100 e-mails every day, many with attachments.
"I don't think [e-mail storage] should be unlimited, and I understand why the size needs to be monitored, but it doesn't seem like the storage capacity has adjusted to the inflated use of e-mail," he says.

First of all, it sounds like you're running Exchange! I know people who had low limits on Exchange before being migrated to Domino. But, to be fair, I know a guy who has a 100 MB quota on his Notes mail. But regardless of the platform, it's probably not your IT department's call to have a 25 MB quota. "Brian" in this article is a director. Perhaps if Brian and the other directors and higher ups would increase the IT budget then more space could be used. By the way, e-mail storage is "unlimited" where I am. Even with archiving for all mail over 1 year old, I still have 9 mail files over 2 GB (just for the past year - their archives are that big too!). The largest is almost 5 GB for a graphics designer.

The article is pretty good, so go take a look. I know I have a great story about the jargon...

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