Monday, September 4, 2006

Some Thoughts from John Spratt

My best friend went to "Ben Bernanke Day" on Friday in Dillon, SC - the birthplace of our Fed Chairman. My friend was able to speak with John Spratt. In the course of the conversation with my friend who lives in York County now (John Spratt represents the 5th Congressional District of South Carolina with both York and Dillon Counties), the topic of the upcoming Congressional election arose. Here's what John Spratt had to say:
There are a lot of people who historically vote Republican moving down from the Charlotte, NC area to Fort Mill, Rock Hill (my town), and Indian Land. I'm losing a lot of votes in York County.

As I have previously mentioned, this race could be as close as 4 percentage points. York County accounts for nearly 1/3 of all of the votes in this District. For Rep. Spratt to vocalize concern about this county doesn't bode too well. When I rode up our main "strip" this weekend (Cherry Road), I saw a lot of Ralph Norman signs outside of the businesses along the road. But in that 4 miles of road, there wasn't a single John Spratt sign. That was great! I read something that John Spratt said that really upset me. He said that when he's in Washington, DC that he already has a seat at the table. But if Norman is elected he'll still be in the back of the room.

I'm sorry, but I would rather have someone who represents this district and not just towing the Democratic Party line. Under John Spratt's leadership our district has seen thousands of textile jobs lost. Not that I'm in favor of government intervention in business, but if John Spratt was at the table he must have been drinking some Kool-Aid or something because he didn't help those factories stay in business. Many people may refer to John Spratt as a "moderate", but I believe when push comes to shove that he would vote "D". He has spent 20 years in Washington, but now it is time for some change.

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