Monday, September 25, 2006

Disabling Domino Platform Statistics

By default, each Domino server/partition (DPAR) will collect platform statistics. Since we have 3 DPARs on each iSeries, I have disabled platform statistic collection on our application and IM servers. This will just free them up to do other things and not duplicate the statistic collections from multiple DPARs on one platform. I'm sure there's not much overhead to the platform stats collection, but why have 3 (or more) DPARs duplicating that effort? So if you're using Domino partitioning, you may want to disable platform stats for all but one of the DPARs. It's something I've always overlooked, but every CPU cycle counts for something, right?

The line to add to the notes.ini is: Platform_Statistics_Disabled=1

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