Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Notes 7.0.1 Upgrade Prompt

I've placed a call with Lotus Support to see why this is happening. I have tried running the Admin and Standard Notes 7.0.1 setup for several users. Three of the 4 I tried have received this box. I've never seen previous upgrades of Notes prompt to close individual applications. Has anyone else seen this on 7.0.1 or prior versions?

I am going to see if the silent install via Smart Upgrade will keep this message from appearing. But when I set up my Smart Upgrade kit (as I always have in previous upgrades) with the Deploy Version as "Release 7.0.1", it fails stating that there were no matching kits found in the Smart Upgrade database. I have verified that the Settings and Policy documents have "Release 7.0.1" as well. I'm placing a call about the Smart Upgrade thing too. Will let you know what I find out on both.

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