Thursday, February 16, 2006

And I Thought EOL for OS/2 Had Passed

As I blogged about this in July and August, we were getting rid of the last OS/2 system my workgroup supports. According to IBM Technote 1230555 that just hit my Bloglines, the end of life (EOL) for OS/2 will be 12/31/2006. The technote states that "Support beyond December 31, 2006 is available for a fee through Service Extensions or Total Content Ownership contracts."

In my experience this is almost better than IBM's current support for OS/2. Even though we rarely had problems with it, we would call IBM and were told that support was non-existent. On more than one occasion our IBM hardware service technician had to come onsite and call someone at IBM in Arizona to get support for the OS/2 system since we could not directly get support.

If "only the good die young" is true, then OS/2 was really good!

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