Thursday, February 2, 2006

RIM Workaround

Here's a trackback to the RIMBlackBerryNTP Blog detailing the "workaround" that we've been reading about.

It does seem like a fairly seamless workaround. Though I agree with the concerns of not being able to read and respond to emails when you are not in coverage. I'm not familiar with all of the semantics regarding "push" and "push-pull". Effectively the workaround is for RIM to push only some headers to the phone and when viewing the message the handheld will pull the rest of the body. Back to the semantics, is this not what RIM now does with the exception of pushing headers plus a truncated body? Many times I will have to initiate the pull to read messages longer than a certain length. But I guess those semantics are meant for the courtroom. Hopefully this will all work out since we just placed an order to double the number of licenses on our BES.

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