Friday, April 8, 2005

Importing Data for Notes Project

Working on a project now to replace a 3rd-party application with a Lotus Notes database. My coworker built the database and we're working on the import of old data into Notes. The backend for the old app is MS Access. So this is good because I can dump that data into Excel. Then I have to match up the column headers with the proper Notes field names and run an Excel function to calculate some of the other fields. After getting that prep work done I have to save it as a Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 file. It's not a painless process!

Thankfully we only have to import 19 of the 121 Access tables! I've been doing a lot of work up front testing before we get the final refresh of the data. There are two categories of data. One has about 1200 records and the other has about 5400 records. Some of the tables are joined, so for the 5400 records there are over 32000 records associated with those that are in another table. Looks like I just got the main 5400 records imported. But it's 5:00 on Friday and I'm going to have to resume this on Monday.

Until then I will be upgrading our Mail Server, Application Server, and IM Server (all 3 on one iSeries) to Domino 6.5.4. It was painless on my cluster box, so I'm looking forward to a quick upgrade.

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